MarketHunt provides bespoke innovative and practical marketing and sales solutions to its clients by leveraging key networks, partnerships and resources established over several years. A business model that is efficient and cost effective reduces the risk associated with most marketing companies meaning all businesses can afford an effective global marketing strategy.
  • Tailored Service for every client
  • Work as a partnership; equally invested

  • Business Experience
  • Up to Date Advice
  • Constant feedback

  • Ethical SEO
  • Vast Network

We serve diverse clients across various industries

MarketHunt introduces ViewYou

MarketHunt introduces ByeDrink


SDS Softwares is a highly recognized technology agency – focused on web and mobile solutions. At SDS, we provide services to cater all your business needs such as website development, web designing, mobile app development, and digital marketing.
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MarketHunt has partnered with EWUK technology consultancy in order to help your business develop new sales and marketing strategies for customer retention, increased ROI and overall business profitability, recognition and branding.

Technology and communication is key to your business success. In today’s economic climate, choosing the right solution is even more important. MarketHunt and EWUK help you find the most suitable new technology to transform your business, how your people work and the service you provide to your customers with SEO, SMO, Email & Online Marketing.